The Scottish Photodynamic Therapy Centre

The Scottish PDT Centre, which became operational in January 2001, was officially opened by Princess Alexandra at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee on 15th September in the same year. For six years, this was entirely funded by the Barbara Stewart Cancer Trust, and still receives generous support from the Alf Stewart Trust.

The Centre has the primary objective of providing Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for cancer and pre-malignant conditions affecting a range of organs, and promoting the use and development of photodiagnosis (PD) for early detection of cancer.

The Centre has carried out over 12,000 treatments treating patients from all over Scotland and from elsewhere in the U.K. and abroad.

PDT of the skin is now highly advanced, largely because of the accessibility of the skin to drug application and irradiation.

The Centre has also undertaken studies in PDT and PD of cancers of the bile duct and brain. PD and PDT is continuing to be used in brain and lung malignancies.

The Scottish PDT Centre welcomes referrals for the consideration of diagnosis and treatment of patients who may be suitable for this technique.

The Centre also undertakes an active research programme with numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals. Advice is provided to government and other organisations on the role of PDT and PD in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Updated May 2020