Who we are

Medi-Lase is a registered charity.

The purposes of the charity are:

  • To support Photo-Diagnosis and Photo-Dynamic Therapy in Scotland
  • To provide relief from ill health and distress of patients who may be treated or whose condition may be diagnosed by lasers
  • To promote, for the public benefit, the knowledge and teaching of such techniques
  • To support research and advancing specialist techniques in PDT and PD.

Medi-Lase has supported work carried out in the Scottish PDT Centre, Dundee, and in other hospitals throughout Scotland.

Medi-Lase Board:

Professor Sally Ibbotson, Consultant Dermatologist
Hon Chairperson

Carol Goodman, Consultant Nurse 
Hon Secretary-Vice Chairperson

Dr Ewan Eadie, Head of Scientific Services for Photobiology Optical Radiation and Dermatology. 
Hon Treasurer


Mr Greg Kata, Consultant Urologist

Professor Harry Moseley, Medical Physicist







Updated 2017