Who we are

Medi-Lase is a registered charity

The purposes of the charity are:

  • To support Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Photodiagnosis (PD) in Scotland.
  • To provide relief from ill health and distress of patients who may be treated or whose condition may be diagnosed by lasers.
  • To promote, for the public benefit, the knowledge and teaching of such techniques.
  • To support research and advancing specialist techniques in PDT and PD.

Medi-Lase has supported work carried out in the Scottish PDT Centre, Dundee, and in other hospitals throughout Scotland.

Medi-Lase Board:

Professor Sally Ibbotson, Consultant Dermatologist
Hon Chairperson

Carol Goodman, Consultant Nurse 
Hon Secretary-Vice Chairperson

Dr Ewan Eadie, Head of Scientific Services for Photobiology Optical Radiation and Dermatology
Hon Treasurer


Professor Harry Moseley, Consultant Medical Physicist

Andrea Cochrane, Senior Clinical Technologist

Dr Helen Liddicoat, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine 

Updated September 2023